Wednesday, January 11, 2017

#KiliTeam2017: Leah

Kilimanjaro was first climbed on October 5, 1889 by German geologist Hans Meyer, Marangu scout Yoanas Kinyala Lauwo, and Austrian Ludwig Purtscheller. After reaching the summit, Meyer later wrote that they gave “three ringing cheers, and in virtue of my right as its first discoverer christened this hitherto unknown [peak] —the loftiest spot in Africa and the German Empire—Kaiser Wilhelm’s Peak.”

While she may not be the first to conquer the mountain, Leah will be no less excited to climb Mount Kilimanjaro this year.

"In January 2017, I am finally going to see through a long-standing dream of mine. With perseverance and determination I will summit Kili – at 19,340 the world’s highest free-standing mountain! I had always thought that this would be something I did for myself, then I was re-introduced to Outward Bound Canada and I decided to use this opportunity to make this about something bigger than me.

I have decided I will take on this challenge to support Outward Bound Canada’s specialized charitable programs. The program that speaks most compellingly to me right now is the Women of Courage program, which gives women who have experienced physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse the opportunity to experience adventure – and healing – in the Canadian wilderness with other women who share a common history.  My personal motivation to embark on this journey in support of Women of Courage are the amazing women in my life both past and present. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such role models, along with support, love and ‘women power.’"

Read more about Leah's journey to the top of Kili in this Metro article and donate to her fundraising efforts on her Canada Helps page.

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