Monday, December 12, 2016

Why I Give to OBC: Nora Stevenson

Nora was looking for an organization in which she could get involved and know that her contribution would have a real impact on the people who benefited from it. When her neighbour introduced her to Outward Bound Canada and the Women of Courage Program, she knew almost immediately that this was the organization for her.

"In April 2014 my new next-door neighbour came over for a visit and talked about her involvement with Outward Bound Canada and the Women of Courage (WOC) Program.  I had been looking for a charity that provided programs for abused women and I instantly knew that Outward Bound Canada was a perfect fit.

I did some more research and decided I would donate to Outward Bound Canada and I would also participate in the WOC Program, canoeing for eight days in British Columbia’s Clayoquot Sound. I am not a camper, so a week canoeing in the wilderness was completely out of my comfort zone. In that week, with a group of amazing women, I learned that I could camp and be without the creature comforts that I was used to. I also learned to trust the strength of myself and that I can rely on others to help me out too. Probably most rewarding for me, was to see and be with the other participants that were experiencing the wilderness of B.C., away from the painful experiences in their lives in a safe and energizing environment as a result of my donation. It showed me that I had value both in being a part of the team that canoed for eight days and also that I had the resources to help others.

As a child of Holocaust survivors, who grew up in an abusive environment, my hope is that through providing funding for women to participate in the WOC Program, I can in a small way prevent the cycle of abuse from being passed on to these women’s children, and hope that in the future all children will grow up in a world where they are honoured and respected.  I am grateful that Outward Bound Canada provides these programs."

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  1. Thank you for supporting this amazing program. I have been on these programs and they have been at the core of my journey and continue to impact me and my life in a positive way. Thank you and know that you are helping more then you can even imagine.