Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kunde hospital

Wow! What a great experience to return back to the Kunde Hospital just a short climb from namche bazaar. A great way to acclimatize as well as to see how much the hospital has done for the health of the community. Dr Kami Sherpa from a neighbouring village has run the hospital for fourteen years with a dedicated staff and the hospital is funded through the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation. He gave us an excellent tour of the hospital and clinic.

One of the exciting moments was seeing the new digital x ray machine in operation that had been donated by funds through the group that Angus took to Everest Base Camp several years ago as well as community raised funds back in Canada. Chest infections are a big reason for visits here plus fractures so the x-ray machine will help a lot in diagnosis. They are also looking at getting a portable ECG machine to help out in the field for villagers with chest pain who can't get into the hospital to help in diagnosing heart attacks.

A big moment as well was when the group woke up to clear weather and could get their first clear views of the Himalayas and the first view of Ama Dablam and Everest with its distinct wind blown cloudy plume. Not sure if we wanted to be on the summit at this time!

Hope all of you are well back home and will talk again soon with you!

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