Saturday, March 5, 2016

#EBCTeam2016: Edyta Pacuk

The Himalayan Mountains may have formed 60 million years ago, but the history of Mount Everest in fact goes back even further than that. Limestone and sandstone rock found at the summit was once part of sedimentary layers below sea level - 450 million years ago! Over time, ocean floor rocks were forced together and pushed upward at a speed of up to 11 cm (4.5 in) per year. The highest points of Everest still contain marine fossils of sea creatures and shells that once occupied the earlier ocean!

Our next climber, Edyta Pacuk, is no stranger to adventure. Edyta took part in a previous Reach Beyond Expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro, and will now join the #EBCTeam2016 in the journey to Everest Base Camp.

President of MarchFifteen Consulting Inc, Edyta has a mission: to make the business world a better place. Her ongoing efforts to connect organizations to community is not only a message in her work, but also her way of living. Whilst being a hopeless ideologist, she is also pragmatic and ensures that conversations about social footprints do not remain on an esoteric plane. Edyta is thoughtful and reflective in her professional practice but definitely could not be described as someone who enjoys sitting still!

Climbing Mount Everest with Outward Bound Canada is another way in which Edyta wants to contribute to increasing awareness, with a particular focus on the Women of Courage Program, which enables victims of violence to transform into Thriving Survivors.

To support Edyta in helping to raise funds for Outward Bound Canada, visit her personal fundraising page.

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