Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kili Team 2016: Kevin Pattrick

There are many local legends about Kilimanjaro. One explains the peak names, Kibo and Mawenzi were good neighbours, until Mawenzi played a prank on Kibo and threw away embers he had received from Kibo and claimed that they had burned out. Kibo eventually got angry and beat Mawenzi badly, explaining why the mountain is so badly degraded. This theory explains Mawenzi's name as "the Battered". Neat!

The next climber we would like to feature is Kevin Pattrick. Born and raised in Bowmanville Ontario, Kevin has always had an affinity for the outdoors and grew up spending a lot of his youth in the wooded areas around the town and the cross country ski trails in the Ganaraska.  After a brief stint in the Humber College Music Program studying as a jazz bassist, Kevin left school to spend six months travelling and camping throughout Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia. Upon his return to Canada he went west and briefly settled in Edmonton where he worked in a variety of jobs while searching for a broader purpose.  Seeking a new adventure, he enrolled in a three week Outward Bound Ski Mountaineering Course being offered in Keremeos, British Columbia. The course was an important and life changing learning experience. Returning to Ontario from Western Canada, Kevin refocused his life and pursued part time education in finance and accounting. Over the next 25 years on a part time basis, he completed a BA, B.Ed., MBA, CMA/CPA, Black Belt Master’s Certificate in Lean Six Sigma, and Executive Development training at Harvard Business School. Kevin’s career has included various management positions in finance and accounting, with past ten years as the Chief Financial Officer for a Global Manufacturing Company based in Toronto. When not working, Kevin’s hobbies include music, cabinet making, running, skiing, travel, and spending time with friends and family.

Kevin says he is doing the trek because of his own Outward Bound Canada experience, "In 1980, I decided to enroll in 21 day Outward Bound Ski Mountaineering course in Keremeos British Columbia. The experience was life changing for me, teaching me goal setting, perseverance, and reflection. As a kid seeking direction in life, the program gave me the kick start I needed to focus and not only set meaningful goals, but also how to harness the determination to see them through. These skills have served me well over the past 36 years and I still often reflect on specific experiences from that adventure and how they shaped who I am today."

To support Kevin in his journey, please consider giving to his personal giving page here.

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