Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kili Team 2016: Brian Johnstone

There are several routes up Kilimanjaro, but our team will be doing the 7-day, 55 km walk up the Machame-Mweka route. This scenic route will take the team through four different ecosystems: rainforest, heath, moorland, and glacier. The route that our team have chosen may be a day longer than the other routes, but the extra night/day aids acclimatization and allows our climbers extra time to recover and prepare for the final push to the top.

Brian Johnstone is one of our climbers who will be headed up the Machame-Mweka route. Brian was born in small-town, Ontario, where he spent most of his free time playing sports and exploring in the near-by forests. A deep enjoyment of the outdoors, lead him to University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Science. After university, Brian was lured out west to Banff, Alberta, where he pursued his interest in outdoor sports. Skiing, rock and ice climbing, camping, and nature photography are just a few of the past-times that keep him busy. Recently married in Canmore, Alberta, he resides with his beautiful wife (Lenka), and dog (Sitka). Working as the foreman for the Town of Banff grounds crew, he takes much pride in beautifying the town’s green spaces with trees, shrubs, and flowers for the enjoyment of people from all over the world.

To support Brian in his journey, please consider giving to his personal giving page here.

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