Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Warm Welcome to the New Appointments to Outward Bound Canada's Board of Directors for 2015-2016!

Outward Bound Canada (OBC) is pleased to announce a number of new appointments to the organization’s governing Board of Directors for the 2015 to 2016 fiscal year.

Pamela Fralick will lead as Chair of the Board, having previously held the position of Chair of the Governance Committee. As President and CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society, Pamela brings a wealth of leadership experience, along with a passion for healthy living, athleticism and volunteering.

“We are very delighted to see Pamela step into this role as Chair of the Board with Outward Bound Canada,” says Sarah Wiley. “We know already that Pamela brings to the table a strong alignment with and allegiance to the OBC mission, as well as a drive to help others experience the physical, mental and social benefits that come with outdoor activity and adventure, and we can’t wait for her to bring this and more to her role as Chair.”

A total of five new members have joined the Board for a three-year term:

Lori Cammerota; Divisional Vice President - Finance (Cost Accounting), HBC Lord & Taylor;
Hazel de Burgh, Compliance & Risk Mitigation Solutions;
Dan Gormley, Partner, Goodmans LLP;
David Reeve, Founder/President, Distributech Inc.;
Justin Walford, General Manager, Icebreaker Canada.

Outward Bound Canada would also like to thank and acknowledge those individuals who will be stepping down from the Board of Directors: George Fowlie, Bart MacDougall, Jim McGill, Matthew McGrath, and Jan Wilmott. We are extremely grateful for their years of guidance and continued support of Outward Bound Canada’s mission.

The complete Outward Bound Canada Board of Directors for 2015-2016 is:
  • Pamela Fralick - Chair
  • Susan Dallhoff - Past Chair
  • Lori Cammerota - Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee
  • John Terry - Secretary, Legal
  • Hazel De Burgh - Chair, Risk Management Committee
  • Anne Fitzgerald - Chair, Fundraising Committee
  • Katherine Pollock - Chair, Governance Committee
  • Mark Porter - Chair, Human Resources Committee 
  • Wendy Blain - Human Resources Committee
  • Dan Gormley - Fundraising Committee
  • John Gulak - Risk Management Committee
  • Ella McQuinn - Finance Committee
  • Edyta Pacuk - Human Resources Committee
  • David Reeve - Fundraising Committee 
  • Justin Walford - Finance Committee
  • Sarah Wiley - Executive Director, Outward Bound Canada
Outward Bound Canada Foundation Board Members:
  • Anne Fitzgerald - Chair
  • Susan Dallhoff - Director
  • Lori Cammerota - Director
Learn more about the OBC Board of Directors online at www.outwardbound.ca

Discover the impacts of Outward Bound Canada across the the country by viewing our 2015 Impact Report.

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