Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Donor Profile: Abigail Whitney

Often times our donors are alumni, having participated in one of our incredible, indelible experiences and leaving forever changed. Abigail is no exception, having started off on her Outward Bound Canada journey as a participant in one of our Women of Courage courses. Abigail now donates monthly to give back, and - while our monthly donor program is still growing - we think her reasons for donating are so inspiring that we had to share.

“I swore, I struggled, I cried but my fellow trippers refused to let me give up or give up on me. I was going to get that canoe from one end of the portage to the other on my own. And I did. Staggering onto that beach at the end, my face a mess of tears and my shoulders aching, I was overwhelmed. Not just by what I had done but how it echoed what I had done on that very day six years earlier. One of our leaders – Phyllis – came up to me as I sat by the water, hugged me and said “Happy Birthday mama.” Indeed. My boy’s birthday and that epic portage were on the same day. 

What had brought me to that moment in my life was because Outward Bound had gifted me with the opportunity to join in a one-week long Women of Courage course. With me would be eight other women all of whom were in various stages of recovery, and three wonderful, giving leaders. 

I made it through the week and it became a touchstone for my personal growth. I am in a loving and equal relationship now and have two awesome teen boys. I am thrilled to be in a position to give back to Outward Bound as a monthly donor. I love that the money I give will enable some other person to embark on their own healing journey, a journey that is guaranteed to move and touch them - and others in their lives - for the better.” 

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