Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kili Team 2015: Anne Fitzgerald

Did you know: Mount Meru, a 14,980-foot volcanic cone, lies 45 miles west of Kilimanjaro. It is an active volcano; has a snowcap; lies in Arusha National Park; and is often climbed as a training peak for Kilimanjaro.

Well she may not be training on Mount Meru, but our next profiled climber, Anne Fitzgerald, is certainly training away. Read more about Anne's journey here:

"I consider myself fortunate to currently serve on the Board of Directors of Outward Bound Canada ... and am honoured to undertake this challenging climb with the intent that I be able to help other people participate in the incredible programs offered by Outward Bound.  

By day, I now work as the Chief Legal Officer for Cineplex Inc. and I love my work, but I have a built-in desperate need to be in the outdoors.  As a youth from North Carolina, I had the opportunity to participate in my first Outward Bound program, which eventually led to participation in a number of OB schools in the US, eventually my undertaking work leading a youth leadership development expedition in Alaska.   My youth Outward Bound experiences were instrumental in my developing inner strength - and I am grateful for those experiences as I have had to draw upon that Outward Bound resilience many times in my adult life, both personally and professionally.  

While I am an outdoorsman at heart, I have been sitting at a desk for many years now and, admittedly, I'm a bit intimidated to be taking on Kilimanjaro at this stage in my life. I last climbed a mountain of any substance 25 years ago!  This challenge will undoubtedly bring back those feelings from when I was a teenager where I experienced the most formative learnings of my life.  And now through this Kilimanjaro fundraising expedition, I have opportunity to give back to this great program and ensure that people who are less fortunate than I was have this same opportunity!"

To support Anne in her journey, please consider giving to her and Ian's personal giving page here.

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