Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kili Team 2015: Sharlene Weitzman

Did you know: At 5895 metres (19,341 feet) tall, Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world (rather than being part of a mountain range).

Well that fact doesn't intimidate the first of our Kili climbers to be profiled! Sharlene Weitzman has started her fundraising and is preparing to take-on Kili as we speak. To learn more about her, here's a little more on Sharlene:

"When I told my seven year old son I was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro he made me promise I would go with him again when his “lungs are big enough”. Hello Kilimanjaro 2025. Until then, I’m focused on reaching the summit in 2015, talking to my maker and embracing the second half of my life from the top of the world. 

I was born to advocate for children. I am currently the Chief Operating Officer of Bayfield Treatment Centers a multi-disciplinary mental health treatment centre for the most complex young people from across Canada. In my role as a social worker over the past twenty years I have recommended Outward Bound too many of the young people I have worked with and their participation in the program has always been life altering. Now it’s my turn. 

 When I was seventeen I climbed Mount Tateyama in Japan. At 40 I climbed down Mount Etna in Italy. At 47, Kilimanjaro here I come!! 

I am thrilled to challenge myself: physically, emotionally and spiritually and to share the experience with a group of new friends’. I’m particularly pleased to be undertaking this adventure with my dear friend Jill Wagman all under the auspices of Outward Bound."

To support Sharlene in her journey, please consider giving to her personal giving page here.

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