Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kili Team 2015: Jill Wagman

Did you know: Kilimanjaro is not a peak you can climb on your own. It is mandatory to climb with a licensed guide and have porters carry your equipment. This sustains the local economy and allows local people to reap the rewards of tourism.

Jill Wagman will be one of our climbers who gets to climb with our excellent team of guides this January.  Read more about Jill and her journey here:

"Growing up in Toronto as an only child of mature parents, I had little exposure to the outdoors, with the exception of summer camp, which was my favorite part of the year. As a teen and young adult, I embraced camping and learned my true love for the peace and inner strength the outdoors gave to me.

A few years after graduating university, I joined Eckler Ltd., an actuarial consulting firm. In 2000, I became an owner of the firm and, in 2012, I was appointed the firm's Managing Principal. Despite the long hours, tremendous challenges and being tied to a desk for days on end, I love my job. But as time passes, I recognize that I need to do more for myself and my community. I want to make an impact by either influencing or helping people, while challenging myself in ways that I never have.

When I was invited to climb Kilimanjaro with Outward Bound I realized it was the perfect opportunity for me to test my strength (inner and outer). I believe that climbing Kilimanjaro will develop me in ways I still can't fully comprehend, while enabling me to support an organization dedicated to positively transforming individuals by helping them find their own inner strength.

As our adventure draws near, I am extremely excited (and a bit nervous) for the experiences that lay ahead. I look forward to developing new friendships, learning new things and hopefully accomplishing something I never would have dreamed I could do!

I am absolutely delighted to be joining the 2015 Kilimanjaro team. I look forward to the shared adventure, meeting each unique personality and the Outward Bound journey that awaits in January 2015."

To support Jill in her journey, please consider giving to her personal giving page here.

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