Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Powerful Impact of Boys-Only Programs

At Outward Bound Canada we believe that young boys need a safe but challenging environment to grow and a sounding board to help them reflect as they explore their place in the world and to determine where they see themselves heading. Who do they want to be as an adult? What are their responsibilities as a man? What are they good at? How can they develop better relationships at home or at school? What are their unique gifts and where is their place in the world?

A formal rite of passage traditionally helped young men find the answers to many of these questions. Every culture has a different tradition and timing for this particular milestone; however, they all generally have the same purpose - to propel a boy’s transition into manhood, giving him the confidence and tools he may need along the way. Decision-making is upon them and a rite of passage can act as a pivotal moment in their life, helping young men get to know themselves well enough that they can navigate through the years that lie ahead.

Today, when a boy definitively makes the transition into manhood is certainly up for debate. Is a boy’s rite of passage when he receives his driver’s license, allowing him the freedom to come and go at his own will? Or, when he transitions into high school? Or, maybe it's when he moves out of his family/guardian’s house?

In addition there are more and more young men struggling through their adolescence – whether they have difficulty with school, socializing outside of social media or video games or developing healthy relationships at home or in their communities.  Many young men simply seem unsure of themselves and how they fit in.

Our solution at Outward Bound Canada has been to develop boys-only programming that meets the needs of young men today who are a little lost and uncertain of what they are capable of. Furthermore, these boys-only programs have been around for decades and there's a reason! On course, boys learn important life skills such as caring for themselves, taking responsibility for their choices and confidently express their needs and opinions. Boys-only courses also allow for an open and honest dialogue where young men can feel comfortable discussing the unique challenges that they face without censoring themselves for a co-ed audience. Finally, by learning basic camping and wilderness skills, boys learn to take responsibility for themselves and connect through activities that generations of men before them had grown up learning.  This not only opens their eyes to new experiences, but it also helps them feel capable, skillful and sure of their abilities as they grow into men.

We are helping boys take charge of their life this summer. The following boys-only courses are available for the summer of 2014:

If you think this would be a great experience for your son, just click to sign him up today.

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