Saturday, January 18, 2014

Karanga: Day 4

Today the group arrived at Karanga! The group is great! Everyone is well and feeling good.

Here is an excerpt from climber Kristen's blog:

"We started our hike at 9:00.  Today we tackled the Barranco wall – and Team Outward Bound won!  It is an enormous cliff wall, with switch backs all the way up – 1000′. We often had to use the technique of “3-points of contact” to be safe.  Our guides are amazing.  In tricky spots they stand on the down side, ready to save us.  Luckily our whole team is fit and able – and we handled it like champs!  It certainly is humbling when we watch the porters carry our gear and jugs of water on their head up the wall at twice our speed.  We then went up and down through a few valleys and across small streams.  We arrived at camp around 2:30.  Now we are all chilling in our tents and getting some rest.

It is cold and rainy today (and yesterday too – but I think I forgot to mention that).  It was about 5 degrees this morning.  Nights are below zero.  It is crowded in my Mummy sleeping bag, with 2 hot water bottles, my camera, GPS watch and cell phone and socks and mitts that I need to dry out."

Otherwise, the group is ready for the summit climb tomorrow night. Just finished a great meal in our warm cozy dining tent, eating chocolate and laughing hilariously (especially Meghan!). Fun group, beautiful mountain and incredible adventure. Thank you for your support. Next post from our high camp at 16000ft.


  1. I am excited for you all just reading your posts.

    I can tell you that the memories stay with you, so cherish the moment and let your mind absorb the total experience. You are approaching something only a handful of people get to see. The mountain only offers its true beauty and majesty to those who come to visit and so enjoy the fruits of your effort.


    George (K 2012)

  2. Thank you for journaling your journey. Its like I get to be there with you all. I am glad your all doing well. Brenda make sure you have lots of pics! Good luck and be safe.


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