Sunday, January 12, 2014

And they're off!

Part of the team relaxing in the Toronto airport lounge, awaiting their flight to Tanzania via Amsterdam. 


  1. Like that one liter Nalgene water bottle! Stay hydrated

  2. Be prepared to be amazed with this trip of a life tome, it will be more than you could ever imagine.
    When the chips are down, your legs and lungs burn, wondering what the Hell you are doing there and why you thought this was a good idea and you don't know if you can make one more step, think of me, and others like me who have benefited from the amazing WOC courses.
    The W.O.C. are a life changing experience and for me, has been an amazing gift. I was on the one in Alberta this past September and I am still feeling the ramifications from that course and can not believe the positive impact that it continues to have on my life.
    Good luck, enjoy, and prepare to be amazed with the journey, and with yourselves. I will keep checking in for your reports.
    cheers and be well