Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Making the Business World a Better Place… One Step at a Time

Kilimanjaro is not a peak you can climb on your own. It is mandatory to climb with a licensed guide and have porters carry your equipment. This sustains the local economy and enables local people to reap the rewards of tourism. 

Our amazing local guides are from Chagga Tours, founded by mountain guide Michael Nelson Ntiyu from Tanzania and investor and hiker Christina Helbig from Germany.  Outward Bound Canada board member and 2014 Mount Kilimanjaro climber Edyta Pacuk will be meeting the team from Chagga Tours this January.  Read more about Edyta below or check out her personal blog about the tour here: www.marchfifteen.ca/blog.

“Edyta Pacuk, President of MarchFifteen Consulting Inc, has a mission: to make the business world a better place. Her ongoing efforts to connect organizations to community is not only a message in her work, but also her way of living. Whilst being a hopeless ideologist, she is also pragmatic and ensures that conversations about social footprints do not remain on an esoteric plane. Edyta is thoughtful and reflective in her professional practice but definitely could not be described as someone who enjoys sitting still!

Climbing Kilimanjaro with Outward Bound is another way in which she wants to contribute to increasing awareness with a particular focus on the Women of Courage Program which enables victims of violence to transform into Thriving Survivors.”

Please help Edyta and her fellow climbers reach their goal by making a donation to the 2013 Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb, clicking on the "Canada Helps" icon below:

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