Friday, January 10, 2014

So Many Ways to the Top

We are only two days away from our climbers taking off for Tanzania! Climbing Kilimanjaro requires no technical climbing or mountaineering experience. The biggest challenge and danger is the high altitude.  Otherwise, Kilimanjaro has five common routes to its highest summit: Marangu Route; Machame Route; Rongai Route; Lemosho Route; and Mweka Route. The Machame route is the option our climbers will be taking.  Although it is a popular route, it isn’t the easiest, but it is incredibly scenic and gives the climbers one extra day for acclimatization.

Our next climber profile is on Debra Ross.  We wish her and all the climbers the best of luck!  Read more about Debra below.

“Debra Ross’ penchant for success reaches far beyond the typical trail blazed by entrepreneurs before her. Since leaving home at the age of 14, she never had the financial means to pursue a conventional education and completed high school through correspondence. She then completed a post secondary  AMET program at SAIT Polytechnic, graduating with honours.  This acted as a springboard to her current business career which ultimately has served her and her community well.

Debra founded her first company, Gamma-Tech Inspection Ltd., in 2002. Debra was highly criticized by her peers for working in the male-dominated and highly regulated oil and gas industry. She has built her start up into a multiple seven-figure company that is the top of its field. Debra’s perseverance and mindset are evidence of her motto ‘A falling cat always lands on its feet’.

This self-made entrepreneur shares her success with charities and budding entrepreneurs. Debra’s persona will allow her for continued significance as she launches new ventures that will revolutionize the banking and finance industry.”

Please help Debra and her fellow climbers reach their goal by making a donation to the 2013 Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb, clicking on the "Canada Helps" icon below:

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