Thursday, December 5, 2013

March of Dimes at Outward Bound Canada's Urban Base Camp Week 9

We're an energetic group of lovely people who are currently in the March of Dimes L.I.F.E. Program at Outward Bound, sponsored by United Way. We're learning how to improve our independence. 

Its our second last week! We started off by warming up with "move your butt" and in the process discovered so many more things we have in common! 

Lead by Allen and Usman with the help of two therapy dogs (one was a chocolate lab called Coby and a blonde lab called Peplow) we returned to our geocache area. It was fun to see our geocache in action. 

After lunch we played a quick game of "blind-search" along the brickroad, then we set up a blind obstacle course in the welcome centre, so we could be warm. It was challenging to be without sight. We had to listen and pay close attention to the people guiding us through. 

Today we played a quick game of "007" and "the cage is open" before moving onto volleyball. We modified the game by adding interesting words every time someone had to throw the ball. At the same time a group was working on our song while others were preparing a delicious meal: Usman grated a mountain of cheese and many others helped prepare the béchamel sauce for the "mac n' cheese." It even had breadcrumbs! Mouth watering just thinking about it, yum, yum, yum! 

We're looking forward to next week, it will be our last week... stay tuned to find out what awesome fun we had.

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