Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kilimanjaro, A Mystery Wreathed in Clouds

Kilimanjaro. The name itself is a mystery wreathed in clouds. It might mean Mountain of Light, Mountain of Greatness or Mountain of Caravans. Or it might not. The local people, the Wachagga, don't even have a name for the whole massif, only Kipoo (Kibo) for the familiar snowy peak that stands imperious, overseer of the continent, the summit of Africa.

But, by any name, this mountain holds the possibility of an incredible adventure.  Elizabeth Gal, one of our 2014 Kili climbers, is certainly excited by that promise.  Read more about Elizabeth and her quest below. 

“Hello all!

My name is Liz and this exciting adventure is part of me taking a year away off to spend time on me, to support my partner, to be with my family and to grow as a person. I have taught for the past five years, both in the public and private boards, students ranging in age from 5 to 17 and in three different subject areas. Come to think about it, I have been teaching most of my life, whether it be in the classroom setting, coaching sports, at the gym or at community centres. I am really looking forward to me being a "student" and learning.

 I have learned that my passion to explore nature and to be outside is indescribable. My desire to share that with "little people" is even more satisfying. I believe that through discovery, you can learn so much about who you are as a person and what makes you "tick".  This experience with Outward Bound, will allow me to discover, challenge myself both mentally and physically by setting goals, as well as to listen to other peoples journeys. I am really looking forward to being part of a team.

Outward Bound's Canada’s Core Funded Programs have really intrigued me as they touch on all of the above things mentioned: guided discovery which becomes self -discovery and eventually an understanding of the "self". Every teacher wishes that they can teach people who they are but in reality, I have learned that individuals have to find their own path(s). I look forward to learning more about me, about others, about the beautiful region of Tanzania and my first Outward Bound experience!”

Please help Elizabeth and her fellow climbers reach their goal by making a donation to the 2013 Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb, clicking on the "Canada Helps" icon below:

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