Thursday, November 21, 2013

March of Dimes at Outward Bound Canada's Urban Base Camp Week 7

We're an energetic group of lovely people who are currently in the March of Dimes L.I.F.E. Program at Outward Bound, sponsored by United Way. We're learning how to improve our independence. 

Yesterday, we reviewed our SMART goals to see if we were on track for success or if we wanted to create new goals. Kim led us to get set to ride the accessible bikes again.  We put on our helmets  and we chose which bikes we wanted to try out this time. We went a few times around the buildings and then we rode into the quarry. We tried to stay in the sun because it was colder than usual. Soon enough it was time for lunch.  Afterwards, we played ''The Traffic Sign Game" and the initiative "Bucket Flip". We tried to flip a bucket with ropes as a group. In order to do this we needed to communicate with each other. We successfully flipped the bucket twice. The second time different people held the ropes. 

Beginning of Bucket Flip
We ventured to quarry again this time in silence. Once we got to beside the pond we could see the sun reflected on the water.  The wind was making the grass dance.  Our solo time was peaceful although some of us felt a little cold. 

Solo time beside pond
We went into the cafe to get warm and talk about our daily challenges and triumphs.  Benardo Cabo, a volunteer with MOD, serenaded us with his sweet music. Bernardo was so good that many people came out to listen to his singing and strumming.

A Short Taste of the Talented Benardo Cabo Playing Guitar
Today we were relieved when it was a little warmer. We played a version of Human Knot - Rope Knot - so we could untie knots over and through Allen who is in a wheelchair. Our favourite part of the day was going on the bikes to put up our geocache "Fishing in the Trees". 

Biking Towards the Geocache Site
We won't post any pictures of us putting up the cache because it's a surprise - you should go to and look for our cache. We came in for lunch and after eating we celebrated Princess turning 24 years old and Suhail turning 21 on Saturday. We were so lucky as Bernado was with us again. He played guitar as we ate delicious chocolate cake! Yum, yum, yum. Today was a good day. Let's hope it doesn't get much colder. But it's a good thing we came prepared. Until next week...

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