Thursday, October 24, 2013

March of Dimes at Outward Bound Canada's Urban Base Camp Week 3

We're back and it's so cold today that we can see our breath! (Okay not really but) we are SO bundled up today.

First things first...yesterday we learned more fun games. We played ''Museum'' where we tried to get up close to someone who has their eyes closed and became statues when they opened their eyes. We also played ''Move your body if..." During that game we learnt that almost all of us like hockey and ALL of us like ice cream. Then we ventured out with our GPS's in hand to find a geocache on the Don Valley Trail. It was almost like the ''Amazing Race'' but for the March of Dimes Program. We loved looking at the autumn colours and seeing a new part of the Don Valley. Unfortunately, the geocache "Bye bye birdie'' was no longer there. On the way back, we discovered we can never ever trust a GPS. We needed to use our brains too. Otherwise, we'd end up walking right into traffic. After lunch we found our first geocache called ''Crazy Fun Stuff".
March of Dimes finds the geocache "Crazy Fun Stuff"
We signed the logbook and looked at all the treasures inside the tin. After that, we continued on our journey to find several GPS locations all around Evergreen Brickworks. We played a game called ''Giants, Wizards & Elves'' before wrapping up for the day.

Today we started with ''Secret Detective'' and a great game of ''Freeze Tag''. We also modeled for photos as everyone needs a great picture, right?
the March of Dimes boys: Usman, Suhail and Allen
Princess, Jessie and Danielle
Shraddha and Usman

One of Jessie's SMART goals was to lead an activity and she led us in a Guys vs. Girls Bocce Marathon (in which the girls won of course!). Those guys tried to beat us, but oh no, we succeeded to win. Girl power! After lunch, we mastered the initiative "Count Off".  It took us a few tries but we finally got it. So we were able to have a lot of fun despite the cold weather. Next week we're going to climb the challenge tower and we might even dress-up for Halloween. 

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