Thursday, October 17, 2013

March of Dimes at Outward Bound Canada's Urban Base Camp Week 2

Here we are again. It's week two. It's exciting! Plus, everyone is getting more familiar with the course and how well we work as a team.

Princess looking very "princess-like"

Yesterday after "Buccaw" we went on a journey up to the lookout.  It was a hard climb up to the top of the hill. The beautiful view made the trip worthwhile. Once we approached the top we stood in silence to soak up the view and the sounds, not to mention the sunshine. 

The trailrider in action

We took turns on the trailrider - which is a device that allows us to go on singletrack trails and makes us feel free because we are not confined to where our wheelchairs can take us. They also make us feel like princesses (pun intended- in this picture Princess is shown on the trailrider).

We started the day learning about predator-prey relationships while playing "Bear, Salmon, Mosquito". Twice, both teams decided to be the same animal which was confusing. Which way would we run?

As a team, we helped each other out during activities like the blindfold sensory experience and T-ball.
Blind Sensory Experience

During the T-ball game it was Outward Bound vs. March of Dimes. It was a very competitive game as we all wanted to win. Even though we were excited to yell, "You're out!", we cheered each other on while we played. We also built our teamwork skills by showing others how to play and by letting everyone have a chance. We've been working on S.M.A.R.T. (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely) goals and during our T-ball game, we accomplished some of our goals. Suhail and Usman led their first activity- they taught us all how to play T-ball. They were awesome at leading us in this game. They knew all the rules and they were clear in sharing them with the group. Usman was a bit strict but this made the game more fun for all of us. Jess' goal was to challenge herself to be as physically active as possible. During the game, Jess got out of her chair and ran the bases on her own feet!
Jess playing T-ball out of her wheelchair
Even now as we write this, Jess is having difficulty restraining an explosion of merriment. What an amazing way to spend a day! Playing games, being active, accomplishing our goals, creating friendships and having fun while we're at it.

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