Thursday, July 11, 2013

VIDEO: Yukon River Quest 2013, Staff & Alumni Video

If you have been following the Outward Bound Canada (OBC) blog recently, you know that a group of our staff & alumni recently competed in the 715k Yukon River Quest, an annual marathon canoe and kayak race. The team finished 27th overall, and placed 3rd in the Mixed Voyageur category, with a time of 50hours & 20min. That said, the team's main goal was to raise funds and gain awareness for OBC's, Women of Courage Program. As a result of their efforts they raised over $12,000 for Outward Bound Canada's Women of Courage Program, which will help to send more women survivors of violence on this life-changing wilderness adventure.

What's it like to race the Yukon River Quest? During the race, the team took captured this video footage to share with all of you.  Have a look to get a better sense of what the team experienced on their journey:

Congrats again team!

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