Monday, January 14, 2013

Summit climb successful

This morning at 7:20am, 9 of our group of 11 successfully summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro. unfortunately Harold left us at Karanga campsite due to AMS (altitude sickness) and Kelli only made it halfway to summit due to fatigue. We are all well, tired and looking forward to getting to lower altitudes. We will be back in Moshi tomorrow. Will send summit photo when I have more battery power on my blackberry. Thanks for the incredible support friends and family which helped us to get to the top and raise 60K for OBC programs.
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  1. Congratulations to everyone

    A great adventure and personal achievements

    Safe trip down and enjoy the rest of your visit to Africa


  2. Wonderful news! Best wishes for a good descent. Love to Dan. xoxo

  3. Well done everyone. We look forward to the summit photos and hope that you soon enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation. Terry and Lorraine Daniel

  4. Congratulations to Sarah and Michael and all the Chagga staff on leading another successful Kili trip. Have a safe trip down and be sure to ENJOY!!

    Cheers, Kim Beatty

  5. Congratulations Rob and all who make it to the top.


  6. Hi Susan,
    CONGRATULATIONS! MAZEL TOV!! on reaching the summit!!!

    can hardly wait to hear all about it.

    LOVE, Robert & Heather

  7. Congratulations to all involved! How wonderful for each and every one of you to have done this for not only yourselves but to support Outward Bound Canada. Amazing!


  8. Thank you and congrats to u all. I can not thank u enough because of people like u, I was able to partake on a healing journey to the French River this past summer. You all are my hero's and I hope I will do the moutain next year!
    Thank you,
    Liz Carroll