Saturday, January 12, 2013

Karanga valley-camp 4

We had a good day travelling to camp 4 in the Karanga Valley, just a few hundred feet higher than our last night camp though we once again practiced "climbing high" during the day and then sleeping lower at night. We started the day with a sleep in (7:30am) and breakfast in the brilliant sunshine with Kilimanjaro in the background. Breakfast is usually toast, oatmeal, eggs of some kind and fruit. We then climbed the infamous Barranco Wall - a vertical wall probably 500ft high with lots of scrambling. It is lots of fun and our group did great. 3.5hrs later we were at our campsite where we had an awesome hot lunch consisting of banana fritters, zucchini soup, pasta and tuna sandwiches. The group is now resting, reading and just "chilling out". The key over the next 30hr lead up to our summit attempt is to eat, drink, rest when possible and keep healthy. Next post will be from our high camp at Barafu Hut at about 15600ft, 2000ft higher than we are now.

Lala Salama!
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