Thursday, January 10, 2013

At Shira Camp - Camp 2

We had a great day today - 5.5 hrs of trekking with 2500 foot elevation gain. Today was beautiful hiking - flowers, the first Senecio trees which we will see a lot more of, caves, interesting rock formations and water pools. We started in brilliant sunshine and ended in rain (pretty typical for Kili). The trail was more challenging and required scrambling at times and even some 4th class climbing. Everyone is feeling good and the group stayed together well. We arrived at our campsite before 3PM which allowed us some good "chill out time" before dinner which consisted of soup and chapatis, pasta and meat sauce, mango and toblerone chocolate (thanks to my mother in law) for dessert. We are all now snuggled down in our warm sleeping bags, the starry night sky above and our Kilimanjaro mountain standing out against the night sky in all it's glory. Off to Barranco campsite and the Barranco wall tomorrow. We will achieve our highest elevation until the summit high camp tomorrow - 15000ft - but then descend down to 13500 ft to sleep. Hope all is well with friends and family.
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