Friday, January 11, 2013

At Barranco Hut - camp 3

We had a long but good day today. 8 hrs of hiking and we ascended to 15000ft before going down to sleep at 13300ft. "Climb high/sleep low" is the key to success at altitude. We had some beautiful vistas and landscape today, lots of Senecio trees (Dr. Seuss trees) in the valley as descended. Great dinner of potatoes, chicken, sauce, soup and pineapple and chocolate for dessert. Tomorrow morning we tackle the Barranco wall which is a challenging but fun steep slope involving some 4th class climbing. Everyone feels pretty good - a little tired, a few minor headaches, but generally a strong team. Thanks for all of the words of support - keep them coming!

Lala Salama (good night in Swahili).
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  1. not sure if photos are possible but if they are send some! sounds amazing

  2. Tell us what sort of clothing/gear you have to wear at that altitude? Keep up the good climbing - you are nearing your final ascent. Hi from Terry and Lorraine.