Thursday, November 29, 2012


One of the biggest challenges in summiting Kilimanjaro is dealing with the effects of altitude sickness. Acclimatization is extremely important, as even the most physically fit and seasoned climbers can become ill from the effects of high altitude. Our team will take the slightly longer Machame-Mweka route – extra time on the mountain will aid acclimatization and allow our climbers extra time to recover and prepare for the final push to the summit.

Harold Murray is another one of our climbers. Though he is a seasoned traveler, this will be his first time to East Africa. 

“I am an engineer specializing in sustainable and energy efficient lighting and building design, a field I have worked in for almost 25 years. I am an active cyclist, rower and sailor.

“Susan and I live in the Toronto Beaches and enjoy canoeing and hiking in Ontario. We also travel as much as we can, having explored many parts of the world with trips that usually involve as much walking and outdoor activities as possible.


“I am very much looking forward to traveling to East Africa for the first time and to the challenges of this Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition. My expectation is that it will be quite difficult, but also a truly rewarding experience; a great team with the fine guidance and spirit of Outward Bound. Outward Bound had a profound effect on my life almost 30 years ago and that experiential approach has always inspired me with its ability to develop confidence and strong commitments to teamwork and community service. I would like to help insure that other young people and adults alike will continue to benefit from Outward Bound programs, particularly where financial constraints would make this otherwise difficult or impossible. This is a great opportunity for us to give back to Outward Bound and to encourage our friends and colleagues to contribute as well.”

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Everyman’s Everest

Kilimanjaro is a mountain fondly referred to as “everyman’s Everest” – it requires no technical climbing, but can be summited simply by walking. However, the climb is not to be taken lightly. High winds, high altitudes and cold weather make it a dangerous trek.

Dan Reisler is another of the climbers who will be embarking up Mt Kilimanjaro on January 9. He is a two-time Outward Bound graduate.

“I am a lawyer and senior partner at Reisler Franklin LLP in Toronto. We conduct and defend insurance-related litigation on behalf of major North American and European insurance companies. Born and raised in Port Hope, Ontario, I studied at the University of Toronto then took my law degree at the University of Windsor. Although my life and career since then has kept me in the city, I have always loved the outdoors, and relish physical challenges. I have completed 2 OBC courses, canoeing on the Kopka River in Northern Ontario in 1993 and climbing in Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island in 2003.

“My wife Dale is also a lawyer and we have a daughter and son, 22 and 20, studying at U of T and McGill, respectively.

“Kili 2013 is an opportunity for me to take on a new challenge, and to give back in a small way to an organization that has done much for me and many others.”

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Trek to the Top

At 19,340 ft., Mt. Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest freestanding mountain.  On January 9th, a team of seven climbers and two Outward Bound instructors will embark on a seven day, 55 kilometre trek to the top. They’re climbing to raise money for Outward Bound Canada’s Core Funded Programs for women survivors of violence, veterans, Aboriginal youth and inner city youth.  The team's goal is to raise $50,000 so that more individuals representing these populations can experience Outward Bound.

To highlight these courageous individuals, we thought we would profile a member of the group each week.  So be sure to check in every Thursday between now and the climb date to learn more about these incredible people.

Meet Rob Rainer. Twenty two years ago, he took an Outward Bound course that changed him. Below, he tells us a little bit about his experience, and how it brought him to where he is today: about to embark on a journey up Kilimanjaro as one of the seven climbers.

“In 1980 I took a three-week Outward Bound winter mountaineering course in the North Cascade mountains of southern British Columbia.  At that time it was by far the hardest physical and mental experience of my 20-year old life.  Sometime into the first week, I wanted and was determined to quit.  However, encouraged by my course mates and inspired by our instructor, Barb Clemes, I found an inner strength I hadn't known before.

“I completed the course and ever since have drawn on the lessons I learned from Outward Bound concerning perseverance, compassion, teamwork and more.  Outward Bound thus remains the most formative learning experience of my life.  And now through this Kilimanjaro fundraising expedition, I have the opportunity to give back to this great program!

“Following my OB course, I embraced outdoor recreation and education in a significant way including working for both OB schools in Canada at the time, for short stints in 1984 and 1986.  My extensive time in outdoor and wilderness settings led to a passionate interest and concern in the environment, and by 1987 I was working in the field of environmental conservation.  Since 1993 I have held senior leadership positions with a number of environmental and social justice groups, and gained experience at the community, regional, national and international levels.  I owe so much of my career and growth trajectory to Outward Bound.

“I have two grown daughters, Robin and Alison.  Robin is also an OB graduate having taken courses in 2004 in Ontario and in 2011 in Alberta.  Indeed, it was on Robin's 2011 mountain instructor's course in Canmore that she met her now fiancĂ©e, fellow student Ryan Downey.  They are to be married in Canmore in May 2013, at the Alpine Club of Canada lodge where they first met!”

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You can make a general donation to the climb or dedicate it specifically to one of the climbers.