Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meet your instructor: Troy Patenaude

Tory Patenaude is a true 'renaissance' educator. With deep wilderness experience and the ability to move between diverse worlds make him a unique guide for participants on a quest. 

Having spent his early years growing up in the bush, it's no surprise Troy is now an ACMG-certified guide. He also operates a family-run eco-tourism lodge! When he's not guiding for Outward Bound, Troy handles the practical work of building log homes, fixing solar power systems and tackling the various tasks required to maintain a remote, off-the-grid wilderness centre.  

Troy is also well known in international, academic circles as a leading scholar of the 18th century poet and artist, William Blake

Strongly connected to his M├ętis heritage, Troy has a gift for helping his course participants feel at home in wild places and for guiding them through their own inner journeys of self-discovery. This summer, Troy will be guiding Life Compass Odyssey in August and Mountain Passages for Boys -- which departs in just five days!

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