Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meet Your Instructor: Martha McCallum

Martha McCallum lives, plays and works close to nature, year-round, in the Canadian Rockies. She began her work with Outward Bound in 1982 and continues to bring a boundless enthusiasm and wealth of experience to her role. You'll enjoy her passion for exploring, her knowledge of wildlife and native medicinal plants, and her fine cuisine! 

"As a teenager I knew that I felt most alive when I was close to nature, and I wanted to live and play in the Rocky Mountains. Thirty years later, I still try my best to listen to, and follow, that inner wisdom; the place that feels right. It knows what we each need -- for our health, happiness, and deep fulfilment."

Martha's certification as an ACMG hiking guide is enriched by her experience as a mother, mountaineer, biologist, Hakomi therapist, herbalist, yoga teacher and life-long student and instructor of mindfulness practices. 

With Martha as your instructor, you will immediately feel you are in capable hands.

In this video, you'll hear Martha talk about Canmore, Alberta -- the starting place for our Mindfulness in the Mountains course -- as a site for spiritual and physical well-being.

Martha is the lead instructor of Mindfulness in the Mountains courses, and recently she has worked with our Explore and Renew courses for adults.

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