Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meet your instructor: Laurie Skreslet

This week, we send off our first summer session of the Mountain Discovery course! And leading this group of 17-18 year olds through the Rocky Mountains is Laurie Skreslet -- the first Canadian to climb Mt Everest.

Years before Laurie's current crew was even born (1982, to be precise), Laurie summited Mt. Everest. But this guy isn't just a three-decade professional mountaineer. He's also an inspirational speaker, and Laurie excels at helping youth face challenges and step into adulthood.

Laurie credits the Outward Bound course he took as a young man with instilling a deep sense of tenacity and resilience that has remained with him throughout his life. Still actively leading mountain courses after 40 years as an instructor, Laurie brings an unmatched wealth of experience, passion and insight to his work with participants. 

Laurie will also be leading the August session of Mountain Adventure

Check out this inspirational video Laurie put together for businesses, but which we think is just as appropriate for you as an individual. (We also love his sunglasses.)

Happy travels, friends!


  1. I did the OB Mountain Course in 1974 with Laurie as our instructor. The memory's, challenges and experiences from that time have stayed with me and guided me during the last 38 years (38 years wow!). Laurie was instrumental in my development. This years class will be all the better for his leadership. You'll look back one day, as I do and be thankful you took this course. Good luck and tough times to all.

  2. John, what an amazing impact to share! Thank you.