Thursday, July 5, 2012

Food, glorious food!

Have you signed up for a course this summer? Have you read your Welcome Package and still have questions? For specific questions, we encourage you to contact any member of staff. But if you want to know what sort of meals you'll enjoy on the trip, or roughly how heavy your pack will be, keep reading!

The Food
When it comes to meals, Outward Bound doesn't hold back. Prepared by a professional chef, we offer delicious, tasty meals prepared with fresh ingredients which are dehydrated just a couple days before the trip. How does penne with tomato sauce and ground beef sound after a hard day of hiking?

In addition to your main entrĂ©e, every meal includes hot soup and, of course, dessert!

As for breakfast, we know the importance of a healthy, carbohydrate meal to set your day off right. Expect delicious loafs or muffins with hot oatmeal or granola.

Lunches will be a variety of bagels, pitas and wraps with cheese and a selection of meats or meat alternatives. And while on the trail, we provide snack bags (we love snacks too!) with a variety of energy-packed munchies and -- you got it -- chocolate.

Your Pack
The contents and weight of your pack will vary with the course. In general, you're looking at carrying 35-40 pounds at the start of the trip. But it gets better! Because as the days go on and you keep eating, your pack gets lighter. 

Again, depending on the trip, your instructor guide will plan two to three resupplies of food throughout the duration of the trip. This minimizes the food you must carry at one time. We generally like to carry a maximum of six days of food at a time.

Remember, the Welcome Package you receive from your course instructor contains most of the info you need to know prior to the trip. But if you have specific questions, don't hesitate to ask us here on the blog or email any member of staff!

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