Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Outward Bound Canada team getting ready to depart on Yukon River Quest race.

The OB Yukon River Quest team spent the morning packing their boat and preparing everything racing through the Yukon wilderness. Favorite food items include pizza, Skittles, pickles, chocolate covered espresso beans, homemade protein bars, apple sauce and copious amounts of granola bars. 

The other teams are from all around the world - Australia, Japan, The UK, Belgium, and more! Some are experienced racers and others are newbies.

Our team's secret weapon is our support crew ninja Annemarie, an amazing woman who can move mountains, make miracles happen, deal with anything and do it all with a smile.

The OB team is feeling incredibly excited and deeply thankful for the incredible support from all across Canada and the world. Thank younger the letters, cards, Facebook messages and calls.

The race will begin at noon sharp, updates available on the YRQ website.

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