Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From the instructor's mouth: Part 4

For the last couple weeks we've been featuring the insider experiences of an Outward Bound instructor, Megan Kelly. You can read more about Megan here

Today Megan tells us about how she was affected as an instructor while leading a group on a particularly unique Outward Bound trip. Here's Megan:

"A huge piece of being an Outward Bound instructor is the parallel process. We are continually learning and growing with our students. I always learn lessons from the group.

An example of this way my first year as an instructor. I was leading a group of young hearing-impaired students. The impairments ranged from minor hearing loss to completely deaf. It was inspiring to witness the growth of these students when on solo. Most people had never been allowed to be on their own because family and friends were always supporting them.

This experience taught me the importance of finding a balance between supporting someone while also allowing them to make their own mistakes."

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