Monday, May 14, 2012

Outward Bound Canada Board Members Paddle the Don!

OBC On Sunday May 6th Board members and staff from Outward Bound Canada joined 535 other Torontonians to paddle the mighty Don River in the Paddle the Don Event and in doing so, helping to raise $73,000 towards environmental projects in the Don River watershed. The Don River is at the heart of Canada's largest urban region. It is also at the heart of Outward Bound Canada's new urban tripping area, where we are connecting urban youth to themselves, to their communities and to their local environment through adventurous journeys in the urban wilderness.  To read more about this exciting new project of our's you can go to the Urban Programs section on our website.

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  1. If I was still in high school, I'd be all over these Urban Programs. Well done on the paddling, folks!