Monday, January 9, 2012

Outward Bound Canada Kili team arrives safely in Tanzania (minus a few bags).

Well, after almost 24hrs in transit the team (minus George who will meet us at our hotel) all made it to the Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania. We had good flights- lots of bad movies, trashy magazines, and good airplane food. It is 31degrees here but there is a nice breeze.

Unfortunately, three of us (Sarah, Kim and Katie) are each missing one bag. We are hopeful the bags will be on the next plane in from Amsterdam tomorrow night, otherwise we will have to improvise a bit! Oh well, it is all part of the adventure.

Check out our team picture outside the airport:


  1. Any luck with finding your bags yet?

  2. Hope you have your duct tape...

  3. Best of luck, if you have to improvise you will do it well I am sure!